How Much Do Granite Shower Walls Cost?

The smooth, clean lines and slick design of granite showers make them covetable, and granite shower walls are a lavish and exceptional addition to any contemporary washroom, whether incorporated as simple one-color shower cubicle partitions or used throughout the room. But that price can actually differ based on but not limited to 1) the value of granite you choose, 2) the sophistication of the installation and 3) size of shower space. But what exactly drives up the granite shower walls price and how much could you end up spending?
Basic Cost Factors

Quality and Type of Granite
The granite type you select is one of the primary influences of how much they will charge you. Granite has grades that define where it comes from, quality, and pattern appearance (how many stones are in the pattern). The price of granite can vary based on grade, with lower-grade slabs costing less than $40 per square foot of the material and high-grade, or exotic, slabs costing more than $100 per square foot.
Size and Design of the Shower

A larger and more complex design of a shower will consume more material and labor, hence get the cost higher. If you are installing granite in a standard sized shower, the granite costs alone can vary widely ( $500 to $1,500 for the granite cost, depending on the granite grade etc. ) But larger or custom-designed showers can run material costs up far and above these figures so this is only meant as a starting price.
Installation Costs

One thing that affects the overall cost of granite shower walls though is the installation. Heavy granite needs professional installation for sealed and supported granite. However, labor costs are widely dependent on the region and typically will fall between $10 to $30 per square foot. That cost covers the cutting of the granite to ensure that it fits the space, Mounting it and the finishing.

Additional Requirements

Both the granite being heavy and also the worktop potentially having to be fixed in such a way that could weigh in at several hundred kilos requiring additional structural support underneath and perhaps even some waterproof membranes to prevent the stone staining and the sub structure of the building becoming damaged and weakened over time. Such demands could be pushing the price up even higher.
Maintenance and Longevity

Sealing and Upkeep
Granite is waterproof and can withstand general chemicals but if a shower is used daily it should be sealed frequently to make sure it stays impervious to water and (eventually) harsh chemicals as well. Even when the initial sealing is done at installation, this needs to be reapplied at least every 1 to 2 years. In the long run maintenance cost, we need to factor in that of the sealant and the labour required for re-applying the sealant.
High durability = last longer = greater return on investment = cost-effective means = do not have to spend more bucks for another purchase = to sum it all up.

Granite shower walls While granite shower walls are not cheap, granite is known for its durability, and it should stay put for many years before you need to replace it. Granite is typically not only extremely durable, it also has a long lifespan, which may make it more cost-effective in the long run versus materials which might need replacement sooner.
Estimating Your Costs

To get a cost estimate of entire granite shower wall, you will need to combine the square footage of your shower and also take into account the complexity of the installation. These Figure 3: Birch kitchen cabinets with maple recovered wood countertops costs do not include installation, which can run between $2,000 and $4,000;depending on the type of installation and the quality mid-range granite you use. Some high-end granite, along with full backsplash slabs and more complicated installations, can even run higher than $6,000.

While choosing granite shower walls is a sizable investment, they provide exceptional aesthetics and durability to any home bathroom. By knowing why it costs as much as it does, you can plan out your project better. To find out more knowledge on how to select and price granite for your shower, you can go to granite shower walls price.

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