What Products Does a China LED Strip Lights Manufacturer Offer?

Various Types of LED Strip Lights

A China LED strip lights manufacturer, on the other hand, offers an extensive collection of LED strip lights for different purposes. These are energy efficient products specifically designed to be used in commercial or residential lighting applications. A comprehensive breakdown of the ones they usually make –

Single Color LED Strip Lights

This is the most fundamental appearance with LED strips; featuring the same light color throughout the entire turning-on path. They come in a wide range of temperature colors, starting from warm white (2700K) up to the cool white (6500K), and even UV (ultraviolet) or IR (infrared). In general output can be as low as approximately 300 lumens per meter for basic residential lighting, and as high as 2000 lumens per meter for commercial or task lighting applications.

RGB and RGBW LED Strip Lights

If you require a more colorful lighting, RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) LED strips allow for millions of color combinations. These strips are used in areas which are to be themed or where the mood is to be changed quickly, such as in a night club. You control the color settings with a controller and many can be linked to smartphone apps or voice-controlled home automation systems.

High CRI LED Strip Lights

Our LED strips are specifically engineered to provide the best color rendering available and are perfectly suitable for applications where color depiction is of great importance such as in a museum, art gallery, or a photography studio. A “High CRI” LED Strip would probably have a Color Rendering Index of at 90+, which means that the colours under the light will be quite vivid and natural.

Waterproof LED Strip Lights

Waterproof LED strips : These can be used outdoors or in bathroom/kitchen where it is moist and such strips are moisture proof and thus are used. The strips in their silicone coating or encapsulation that give them IP67 ratings and shield them from water, dust, and corrosion. They are graded for their level of protection by an IP rating, with IP65, IP67 and IP68 being the most used ones.

LED Strip Lights That Can Be Assembled And Cut

LED strip lights: Flexibility is their signature Each of those lights comes on a flexible circuit board, which means it can be bent and twisted a bit to help it fit different mounts and installations. They also have points that can be cut at points within 2 to 5 centimeters, making them easy to use without wasting any length.

Smart LED Strip Lights

Fortunately, you can always opt for smart LED strip lights that work some of our home assistant and home security sytem. These LED strips make it easy to control the lighting through schedules, dimming and can even be synced up with music or TVs and the final offering perfect for those with smart homes and tech-savvy spaces.

Final Thoughts

Manufacturers in China are leading the way for LED technology and they have been broadened their portfolio with modern and quality LED lighting solutions. A China LED strip lights manufacturer offer an extensive catalog that can fulfil your lighting requirements, whether you are outfitting a larger commercial space or a home. These products are not only versatile, but are also efficient to meet standards as well as a basket of features that cover the needs of a wide range of consumers globally.

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