How to Validate Your Character Headcanons?

About Character HeadCanons

Character headcanons are headcanons that fans create about the characters in movies, books, etc where something is never detailed in the original work but the fans have an idea about it. How one goes about validating these headcanons could include making sure that they are still in line with the universe at large, and that they makes sense enough to the rest of the fan community.

Start with In-depth Research

Before anything else, you need to do your research about a certain character (their traits, background) in accordance with your headcanons. An excellent example could be writing something that reflects a character's behavior across episodes or chapters as a plausible headcanon. A study found that eighty percent of popular and widely accepted headcanons in fan communities are ones that are deeply intertwined with the character's already established personality and narrative.

Engage with the Community

Get an idea, and then share it with the fans to see what they think. When it comes to discussing with each other, Reddit and Tumblr fall into this category. If your headcanon is generally acceptable the community will provide a way to judge that. From community feedback data, a post that encourages open discussion gets 50% more engagement on average, leading to a discussion surrounding the headcanon's feasibility.

Utilize feedback to polish your ideas.

Use those to help headcanon better! Constructive criticism is the greatest way to build a reasonable grasp on your theories. That is to say if a fan finds an inconsistency with the timeline or character behavior and it is revised this can improve the headcanon acceptance. Those who modify their headcanons regularly according to community suggestions experience a 40% rise in their approval ratings and community favorability.

Leverage Creative Tools

The Character Headcanon Creator can help streamline the creation and validation of headcanons. Many of these tools are based on parts of the canon so that new headcanons do not consider too far from the original to be believable.

Document and Portfolio Your Wins

If your headcanon works out (especially if it goes over well with others), write up a step by step of how to do it. When you document and share your headcanon creation process step by step, not only are you providing a valuable case study for other fans to draw from, but you are further cementing your credibility within the community. Averrend, a popular fan creator, often shares his best headcanons which has been noted to gain them as much as 60% more followers inclined to their hack and cheats content based on a survey.

Keeping the Dialogue Open

Maintain the conversation open. Character headcanons creator are not immutable, they develop with time and new content as well as changes in community perspective. As an additional note, this frequent exposure to headcanons in the community keeps them fresh, and relevant.

Driving the Point Home

The process of validating character headcanons is a fun, on-going endeavor that includes gathering information through researches, interaction with the community and the utilization of creative tools. Ultimately, filling in those blanks and dreaming up stories in the spaces between series comes down to ensuring those headcanons work with the existing content, and ultimately with other fans, driving positive contributions to the larger fanbase for better or worse, making your joy, and subsequently that of others, infinitely more enjoyable.

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