Feedback on English Courses: What Students in Singapore Say

Students' Opinions on Teachers

Teachers play a crucial role in the success of students in learning English. Based on the feedback from a survey of 500 students, a few key aspects stand out:

  • Interactive Teaching Methods: 70% of students appreciate when teachers use interactive methods such as group discussions and role-playing.
  • Experience and Qualifications: 85% of students value teachers with extensive experience and professional qualifications.
  • Approachability: A significant 90% of students stress the importance of teachers being approachable and willing to offer extra help outside of class hours.

Learning Materials and Resources

The quality and variety of learning materials significantly affect student engagement and learning outcomes. Survey results reveal:

  • Modern and Up-to-Date: 68% of students find it beneficial when schools use modern and up-to-date textbooks and resources.
  • Supplementary Materials: Over 75% of students value the provision of supplementary materials like online exercises, multimedia content, and interactive tools.
  • Cultural Relevance: About 60% appreciate materials that include locally relevant contexts and examples.

Class Size and Group Dynamics

Class size impacts the learning environment and individual attention from teachers. The feedback indicates:

  • Small Class Sizes: 65% of students prefer smaller class sizes of fewer than 20 students for more personalized attention.
  • Group Activities: 78% believe that group activities enhance their learning experience by allowing peer interaction and collaboration.
  • Group Diversity: Around 55% feel that diverse groups with varying levels of English proficiency help simulate real-world communication scenarios.

Technology Integration

Technology has become an essential part of modern education. Regarding the integration of technology in learning, students emphasize:

  • Online Platforms: 70% of students support the use of online learning platforms for accessing materials and submitting assignments.
  • Interactive Tools: Nearly 80% appreciate the use of interactive tools like apps and games to make learning more engaging.
  • Regular Feedback: 85% highlight the importance of receiving regular feedback through digital platforms to track their progress.

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Overall Satisfaction

The survey also asked students to rate their overall satisfaction with their English courses:

  • Satisfaction Rate: Approximately 72% of students reported being satisfied with the quality of their English courses.
  • Improvement Areas: Around 30% of students identified areas for improvement, such as the need for more real-life language practice and updated course content.
  • Continued Progress: An encouraging 64% of students feel they have made significant progress in their English proficiency since starting their courses.


The feedback from students in Singapore highlights various aspects crucial for an effective English learning experience. Focus areas include interactive teaching methods, high-quality materials and resources, appropriately sized classes, and the integration of technology. Addressing these areas can greatly improve the quality and satisfaction of English courses in Singapore.

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